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September 2000

The Deacon's Corner - The Rev. William D. Oldland
Vestry Summary
News from the Episcopal Day School
Thank You Notes
Note of Special Appreciation
ECW Calendar
Come Join us for an Adult Dinner
Shrimp Dinner
Thank You from the Oldlands
Senior Warden's Report
Celebration of Caring

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September 2000 Calendar


The Deacon's Corner - The Rev. William D. Oldland

Over the last few weeks our Gospel lesson in Church has been from the 6th chapter of the Gospel John.  The sixth chapter begins with the miracles of the feeding of the five thousand and Jesus walking on the water.   Along with the miracles Jesus also teaches the crowd of people and the disciples.   The teaching results in several discussions between Jesus, his followers and the crowd on eating and consuming the Word of God.

In these discussions the disciples and the crowd are confused about the topic.  When Jesus talks to them about consuming His Body and Blood some people believe Jesus is referring to the feeding on the mountain.  Some of the crowd believe Jesus is referring to the manna in the wilderness.  Actually, Jesus is referring to both physical and spiritual eating.  The physical aspect refers to the act of consuming bread and wine as a community.  The act of consuming these elements in community is part of living in relationship with God.  However, the physical act does not stand alone.  The spiritual aspect is consuming the Word of God, and the Word of God is Jesus Christ.  We consume the Word of God when we are willing to believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God.  When we believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God we are attempting to live in a relationship with God.  This relationship is built on following the will of God.

How do we learn about the will of God?  We learn about the will of God by studying the scriptures.  We learn about the life, words, and deeds of Jesus Christ.  His life is the example of how to live in an abiding relationship with God.  His words teach us about the nature of God and about our own nature.  His deeds show us the incredible love of God for all creation.

As we learn from scripture about God the Son we have the opportunity to live our life in accordance with God's will with the help of the church.  The church helps us live in community with God through worship, preaching, teaching and fellowship.  This fall at St. Thomas we have a variety of opportunities to learn about the incredible love of God.  In worship, we have services on Sunday mornings at 8:30 and 11:00 am and on Wednesdays at 12:00 noon.  At these services we gather to hear God's word, praise God, and be fed in the Eucharist.  In education this Fall we have numerous opportunities for all ages.

On Sundays we are offering education for our children in partnership with First Presbyterian.  At 9:45 on September 10th, we will begin an adult series on God's promises.  On Sunday Evenings our youth groups will meet for fellowship and various activities.  Also, on Tuesday nights at 7:00 p.m., we are beginning a new adult class on the Holy Eucharist.

Along with worship and education, St. Thomas' is offering numerous events for fellowship.  These events include an adult dinner on Sept. 9th and a Shrimp Feast on Sept. 23rd.  Every Sunday morning we will have an opportunity to gather over coffee and refreshments.  These opportunities for fellowship allow us to grow closer together as a community of God's people.

Through worship, preaching, teaching, and fellowship we have the opportunity to feed on the Body, Blood, and Word of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  We have the opportunity to live in abiding relationship with God and with each other.  Together, we feed on the Word of God.  Together, we grow in our relationship to God and to each other.  Jesus invited the crowd to come and eat.  Jesus extends the same invitation to us.

Bill Oldland+


Vestry Summary

The Vestry minutes are posted on the bulletin board outside the Vestry room.

News from The Episcopal Day School

2000 Day School Fall Plant Sale

Our fall plant sale is now in progress.  Last year, we had a record-breaking year selling mums.  We were able to purchase handbells for the children, which they enjoyed so much!

This year the mums will come in a choice of 5 colors: dark red (burgundy), bronze, purple, white, or yellow.  The cost is $4.00 each or 3 for $10.00.  They will be available for pick up on Wednesday, September 20th.  We will update you on the times available for pick up.  Profits will go to the Day School for car seats, bell music, and other various supplies for the preschool and kindergarten classes.

If you are interested in purchasing mums, please call the church secretary at 349-3511 with your name, quantity, and colors of mums.

As always, we appreciate your support and thank you so much for helping our school!

Any checks may be made payable to Episcopal Day School.



Thank You Notes  

Dear Laura,

There are no words to properly express this, but please convey to the Vestry my gratitude for nearly two years support, both collectively and individually.

Thank you for the airline tickets, our spending money, the farewell reception, the kind comments, and for the "Ode".  I feel guilty about these gifts since I feel you have made this interim very easy for me!  You each will continue to be very dear to our hearts.

May God continue to bless St. Thomas, the Rev. Mr. Oldland's life and ministry in your midst, this community, and your homes.

Faithfully your neighbor,

Nelson B. Hodgkins

PS: In attempting to be open and awaiting God's will for my ministry, I have been doing a lot of listening and visiting lately which has proved very helpful.  It appears now that I will begin an interim period at Trinity Church, Mount Airy, in mid-August.

St. Thomas Family and Rev. Oldland,

Thank you so much for your support, prayers, and flowers.   We really appreciated all you did during Mark's surgery.  We are happy to have him on the road to recovery.  Thank you again.


Mark and Robin Jenkins

Dear Members of St. Thomas',

I want to thank you all for the beautiful peace lily you sent us at the birth of baby Alex.  We are very proud of our new addition.   Thank you also for all your cards, prayers, food and expressions of love.  You are so good to us!

Lin, Edie, David, Nick and Alex

Dear Friends of St. Thomas’,

Thank you for your July donations totaling $100.00 to Greater Reidsville Habitat For Humanity.

Plans are being made for the construction of House #11 and we thank you for your continued support and prayers which have helped us give "a hand-up, and not a hand-out" to someone in our community and also to someone worldwide.

Thank you for "Continuing the Tradition"

Jimmy Thompson, Fund-Raising Chairman

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for your generous gift of $130 for Projects of Hope.  You designated this contribution to be used for Projects for Hope #PH0011 for work in Jordan.  Your gift will help to provide computer equipment for the Holy Land Institute for the Dear in Amman, Jordan.

The Presiding Bishop's Fund for World Relief has been changed to Episcopal Relief and Development.  We feel that the name more clearly identifies us as a relief and development organization of the Episcopal Church.  Our mission to those in need here in the United States and throughout the world will not change and we believe this ministry will grow from strength to strength with the help of supporters like you.


Joyce Hogg, Director of Networks and Special Projects


Note of Special Appreciation

Members of St. Thomas led by Junior Warden, Kris Rogers, are to be highly commended for the outstanding job they did in getting the Rectory ready for the Oldland Family.  From the moment Bill Oldland accepted the call to become Deacon at St. Thomas', Kris rallied the forces to have the floors refinished and every room painted.  Some rooms had to be stripped of wallpaper and repaired before they could be painted.  All of this was done in record time.   Then the industrious team of St. Thomas' worker bees descended upon 634 Parkway Boulevard with great gusto.  The yard was cleaned to perfection.  Windows were washed until they sparkled.  Curtains were cleaned and rehung.  The Pastoral Care Committee filled the cupboards and refrigerator with food.

Thank you each and everyone for sharing your talents in welcoming the Oldlands.


ECW Calendar


10: Business meeting & bag lunch, Parish house, noon
20: Morning Chapter - Marian Safriet - 10:30 a.m.


TBA: Convocation Meeting
11: Morning Chapter - Dorothy Ferneyhough - 10:30 a.m

TBA - Fall Flea 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Come Join us for an Adult Dinner
(Live music and Plenty of Laughs)
Where: Clark & Susan Turner's home
When: Saturday, September 9, 2000
Time: 6:00 PM

PS: Bring a covered dish and your own drinks.  Entertainment provided.


Shrimp Dinner A Shrimp Dinner is in the planning stages for
Saturday September 23, 2000

The festivities will take place in the Parish Hall behind the church.

Tickets are: Adults $10  Kids $5
See Vestry members to purchase tickets.

Menu: All you can eat shrimp, corn on the cob, and slaw.  Boneless chicken breast for those who don't eat shrimp. (Must be ordered when ticket is purchased.)

Thank You From the Oldlands

Dear Friends of St. Thomas,

Ellen, William, Daniel, and I can not express how grateful we are for the preparation and welcome we received upon our arrival.  The house and yard were in wonderful condition.  The pantry was stocked with food and the refrigerator was full.  We are also thankful for the numerous visits, gifts of food, fresh vegetables, and plants we have received over the last few weeks.  We are also thankful for your thoughts and prayers.  We have felt welcomed in every way.

We love being a part of St. Thomas' and Reidsville.   We look forward to many wonderful experiences together.

Peace and Love,

Bill Oldland and family

Senior Warden's Report

Energy abounds at St. Thomas' Episcopal Church!  With the arrival of the Oldland Family, we have been energized and challenged.  As far as Bill Oldland is concerned, nothing is impossible for the Parish to achieve.  When I am with him and listen to his ideas, I believe that to be true.  Christian Education is the focus of most of his conversation and we are already seeing evidence of his commitment.  Even though Bible Study will not officially begin until September, we are already searching the scripture for new meaning on Wednesdays at the Healing Service and on Sunday.  We have had two Vestry meetings with Bill Oldland and he has emphasized the importance of our Parish growing as a community.  Plans for bringing our Parish together this Fall, this Winter, and this Spring are already underway.  I speak for the Vestry in urging all members of our Parish to attend as many events as possible during this coming year.  Being a part of the Oldland energy is very contagious.  Bring friends with you.  Encourage members to return.  Though I honestly believe we can accomplish our dreams no matter how many or how few of us are together, I don't want anyone to miss the opportunity to be a part of something wonderful.

Laura Felts, Senior Warden


"Celebration of Caring" is the annual fund raising opportunity for the Free Clinic of Reidsville and Vicinity.   We invite you to participate in this event on September 26.  Tickets for Dinner and Entertainment by "Razz-Ma-Tazz" at Belmont are $25.00.  If you wish to play in the Invitational Golf Tournament, tickets are $100.00 and include golf, lunch, prizes, dinner and Razz-Ma-Tazz.  The proceeds of this event will allow the Free Clinic to continue to provide medical, dental, and pharmaceutical care to the working poor of our area.  Your contribution at this time or at any time during the year is needed and greatly appreciated.  Please call Sara Kezar, Executive Director of the Free Clinic, at 349-3220, for additional information.