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May 2001

The Deacon's Desk - The Rev. William D. Oldland

May Parish House Cleaning Committee

May Altar Care

Finance Report

Thoughts on Stewardship - Tom Balsley

Healing Service

Flowers for May 2001

May Greeter Schedule

May Usher Schedule

Tiny Saints

Christian Education

News from the Episcopal Day School

Relay for Life Team Members Needed

Food Donations for Reidsville Outreach Center

Youth Mission Trip

The Morning Chapter ECW

Spaghetti Dinner (Fundraiser for the Youth Mission Trip)

Ordination News!!

Thank You Notes



Follow this link for the complete
May 2001 Calendar

May Special Services and Events at a Glance

May 5 Spaghetti and Meatball Dinner
May 13 Mother's Day
Acolyte Recognition
May 18-19 Relay for Life
May 20 Tiny Saints
Reidsville Outreach Center Offering
May 28 Memorial Day - Office Closed

The Deacon's Desk - The Rev. William D. Oldland

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Alleluia, The Lord is Risen.
The Lord is Risen indeed. Alleluia.

I begin this letter to you with the ancient Easter greeting of the church. Over the past three weeks we have had wonderful celebrations during this festival season, the greatest and most important season of the church year. Easter is the time when we see the promise of our own Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Easter is the time when we see the promise of our own salvation fulfilled. Easter is the time when we greet each other with joy for the salvific act of God in the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. For all of these reasons we raise our voices in praise and joy during the season loudly proclaiming our Alleluia’s.

I hope we all take notice Easter is a season. As you know I grew up in the Episcopal Church. In many places Easter seemed to be celebrated in one day. In fact, the Sunday after Easter was called "low Sunday" due to the low attendance of that day. Easter, however, is not a one-day celebration but a season of celebration. The season of Easter is about fifty days in length. It begins with Easter day and ends with Pentecost.

During this season we are constantly reminded of God’s gift for us. We are reminded by nature. We see the beautiful spring weather, the budding and flowering of the bushes and trees, and the lengthening of the days. We are also reminded by our worship. Our singing moves from songs of penitence to songs of joy. The colors in the church move from deep purple to festal white. The liturgy moves from the penitential liturgy of Rite I to the festival liturgy of Rite II. Everything we experience around us moves us to praise and joy for the wonderful work of God in the world.

Four weeks remain when we concentrate our liturgy on the meaning of Easter. As we move through the rest of this season, I hope and pray we take a few moments each day to praise God and to thank God for the wonderful gifts we have received. I also hope we will be bold and greet one another with the same joy and love with which God greets us.

Have a joyful and full Easter season.

Alleluia, The Lord is Risen.
The Lord is Risen indeed. Alleluia.


Bill Oldland+

May Parish House Cleaning Committee:

Anne Donecker

May Altar Care:

Dot Trent, Chm., Laura Felts, Jo Irvin, Patricia Bobbitt, Anne Rogers


Finance Report

Income: March 2001 Expense: March 2001
Pledged $  12,723.00
Received $   8,940.00
Shortage $   3,783.00
Budgeted $ 12,519.00
Spent $  3,150.00
Over spent $      631.00

Please try to keep your pledge payments caught up. Thank you.
*A complete financial statement is displayed on the bulletin board next to the Vestry Meeting room.

Thoughts on Stewardship

. . . but the greatest of these is love.
from 1st Corinthians 13:13

How would you feel if we began The Lord’s Prayer by saying, "Our Mother who art in heaven . . .?" Or what about the Apostle’s Creed if we said, "I believe in God our Mother almighty, creator of heaven and earth . . .?" Would we regard this as sacrilegious or even blasphemous? If nothing else, it would stir up a good debate.

We have always had a preconceived notion that God is a male figure and anything other than that might not be within our realm of belief. However, none of us knows for certain what God is exactly like. The idea that God is masculine is a concept that has been passed down through the ages. However, I would like for us to consider the feminine side of God.

Being that Mother’s Day comes this month, I have been thinking about three individuals who have had a huge influence in my life. These are the women who were and are my moms: my mother, my mother-in-law, and my stepmother. They have encouraged me, praised me, held me accountable, stood by me, and always loved me.

When I picture my mother, Polly, I can remember so many acts of sacrifice, love, and kindness that flowed from her to our whole family. I can call to mind her telling me to do my best, not to give up, and to work hard. I certainly won’t forget her words, "Young man, I don’t want to hear any excuses." And, too, I can hear her saying, "I’m proud of you." When I think of my mother-in-law, Vel, I recall an individual who saw good in everyone and will always remember the many times she told me, "I love you." And with my stepmother Lil, I am always inspired and grateful for the love she has shown to my dad and to my brother, sisters, our children and me.

Each of us has fond remembrances of our mother. Our mothers have always had the ability to love us, even when we were unlovable and to see us through those difficult times when we thought we knew all the answers but didn’t. All of us will agree that a mother’s love is so special - a love which is overflowing, unconditional and never ends. It is as close as I can get to imagining what God’s love must be like. It is also the only example I can suggest of how to define "pure grace." And lastly, like God’s love, we know that there are no barriers or boundaries that could ever separate us from their love.

Over 2000 years ago, God sent Jesus to show us the magnitude of His love. Since then, He has entrusted that care and responsibility to those dear people we call "Mother."

Tom Balsley



Healing Service

Healing Service with Anointing and the Laying on of Hands and the Holy Communion, every Wednesday at noon in the chapel.

Everyone is welcome!

Flowers for May 2001

May 6 Turner
May 13 Kemp
May 20 Available
May 27 Moffitt

May Greeter Schedule

May 6 Pam Allen
May 13 Bill Sutton
May 20 Laura Felts
May 27 Kris Rogers

May Usher Schedule

May 6 Bill Sutton & Bill Horsley
May 13 Jay & Anne Donecker
May 20 Phillip & Susan Dalton
May 27 Pam Allen & Laura Felts

Tiny Saints

Tiny Saints meets the third Sunday of each month in the Parish House.  Children ages 2-6 are invited to participate in this 45 minute session on Episcopalian traditions.  The children sing songs, have a child's version of the day's lesson and a litany.  There is also craft time and a snack.  The children are returned to their families during the Peace for communion.   Questions?  Call Leslie Phipps.

Christian Education

Adult Sunday School is at 9:45 a.m. ~ A light breakfast will be served.

May 6 Bettie Rhodes
Bring your favorite book and share
May 13 Gayle Ferguson
May 20 Bill Oldland
May 27 Wrap up and plan for class in September



You are invited to attend the

Episcopal Day School Spring Program


Saturday, May 19, 2001

Program begins at 6:00 p.m.
We’ll have our program,
followed by a catered dinner
and raffle drawing.

We’ll have lots of door prizes, too!

For dinner ticket information,

call Shelly Ellington at 349-6283 x222

The Day School is now selling raffle tickets for their spring fund-raiser. The prizes this year include:

$100 Gas Allowance

$100 Cash Prize

Stained Glass Window Decoration

$50 Lowes Home Improvement Gift Card

The drawing will be held May 19, 2001.

You do not have to be present to win.

Tickets are $1 each. To purchase, see any Day School parent. Thank you for your support!



Things are going well with EDS. Registration for the 2001-2002 school year is complete with the pre-school class and the kindergarten class full. The plant sale ended April 25th and was a success. Now the children are selling raffle tickets for the spring program - $1 each - see one of the students to purchase one.


One of our primary activities at this time is preparing for our big spring program, "Goin’ Places". The children are enjoying the different material we are working on. Everyone has something special to do. We are also starting a special Mother’s Day project and, and continue to work on our letters and numbers. During Vv week, to finish up our unit on "Spring", we visited Rocky Branch Farm. The children especially loved feeding the animals! We thank the Lord for giving us a BEAUTIFUL spring day for this very fun outing. We’ve also had some great times in Chapel lately with a special friend - "Good News the Gospel Hand". He wears a different color on every finger and each color helps him to tell a part of the good news about Jesus Christ. Then each child gets to make their own gospel hand to take home so they, too, can share the good news with others. It’s such a simple and yet effective way to communicate the exciting truth of our salvation through the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ. "Gospel" means "Good News" and we certainly don’t want to keep that to ourselves!!!


Dear Church Family,

We are drawing close to the end. The next couple of weeks we will be working on our vowel sounds, and how important they are in our words. The children are perfecting their reading skills. In math we are working on telling time on a standard clock, and a digital clock. We all enjoyed our spring break!! The next couple of weeks we will be working on the spring program.


Team Members Needed!

St. Thomas' needs 10-15 people to be on the St. Thomas' Team for Relay for Life.  This event to fight cancer will be held May 18-19 at Rockingham County High School.  Walkers need only sign up for an hour.   Please see Bettie Rhodes if interested.  She will need your tee-shirt size and to get you a sponsor packet.



Food Donations for the Reidsville Outreach Center

May 20 - Boxed Macaroni & Cheese

Monthly Food Collection for the Reidsville Outreach Center

Look for the large brown basket at the steps going up to the altar. Let's fill it up to overflowing again this month! Please remember to include your children/grandchildren in offering food for those in need throughout our community.

The Youth Mission Trip will be held June 24 - July 1st.  St. Thomas' is doing this with St. Francis.  A total of 50 youth and adults will spend a week in Charleston working with the United Methodist Relief Center, which addresses the needs for safe, adequate housing through construction and repair.  The total cost of the week is $11,000, with St. Thomas' portion being $3,300.  Participants will solicit "special sponsors" who will receive letters and pictures from the youth during their week away.  youth going on the trip are: Heather Gentle, Sherrie Donecker, Chris Hicks, William Oldland, Liz Fulton, Socttie Frohock, Adam Wilson, Caitlin Ferguson, Colin Ferguson, Suzanna Linden, Liz Campbell, and Will Cresenzo.  Adults include: Bill Oldland, Gayle Ferguson, Bettie Benton Rhodes, Chuck Rhodes, and Billy Phipps.

A Spaghetti Dinner, sponsored by the Men's Club, will be held on Saturday, May 5th at St. Thomas'.  The proceeds will go towards the cost of the St. Thomas' & St. Francis Mission trip.  Stay tuned for time and ticket information.


The morning chapter of the ECW

May 14th - Church Women United - May Fellowship Dinner

April 11 St. Francis
Bettie Benton Rhodes
September 12 St. Paul,
Willie Adkins
October 10 St. Luke,
Marian Safriet
November 14 St. Mary & St. Teresa of Avila,
Jeanne Horsley & Mavis Simon

A Spaghetti & Meatball Dinner

Saturday, May 5th,
6:00 p.m.
at St. Thomas’ Parish House

Tickets are $5 each and are available from any member of the youth, Gayle Ferguson, Bettie Benton Rhodes or in the Church office. The proceeds will go towards the cost of the St. Thomas’ & St. Francis Mission trip in June. A special thanks to the Men’s Club for sponsoring this dinner and to Richard Piazza for his hard work cooking!! Thanks to Family Tree OB/GYN for covering the cost of the printing of the tickets.

Ordination News!!

God willing and the people of God consenting
The Right Reverend James Gary Gloster
Bishop Suffragan of North Carolina

Will ordain

William Daniel Oldland

To the Sacred Order of Priests
In Christ’s One Holy
Catholic and Apostolic Church

Saturday, the ninth of June
Two thousand and one

At eleven o’clock in the morning

St. Thomas’ Episcopal Church
315 Lindsey Street
Reidsville, North Carolina

Your prayers and presence are requested

Reception following                                                  Clergy: Red Stoles




Thank You Notes  



Dot Trent and Dottie Worth


Jamelle Elliott


Bryan Love






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CONGRATULATIONS to Lisa and Craig Bennett on the birth of twins - a son and a daughter - on April 23rd! Carson Leigh was born at 10:08 a.m. and weighed 5 lbs. 10 oz. Coleman Craig was born at 10:09 a.m. and weighed 7 lbs. 4 oz. Proud grandparents are D. C. & Marilyn Burton and Dot & George Trent.


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...to the following new members of St. Thomas’:

John, Polly, Carolyn and John W. Yeago

Anti-Racism Workshops

The Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina Christian Social Ministries is holding Anti-Racism Workshops on the following dates:

May 18-19
August 17-18

For more information, see brochure on bulletin board outside the Vestry room or call Marguerite Acomb at 919-787-6313.


If someone in your family is graduating from High School or College, please call the church office at 349-3511. Thank you.

"Uniting in Caring for God's World"

Under the theme "Uniting in Caring for God's World," United Methodists and Episcopalians from across the state will meet on Sunday afternoon, May 20, 2001, at the building shared by Jenkins Memorial United Methodist Church and Church of the Holy Cross, Episcopal, at 725 North Boylan Ave. in Raleigh. Part of an ongoing dialogue among members of the two denominations, this gathering will explore environmental issues and Christian responsibility for the whole created order. The meeting will begin informally at 2:30 and will conclude at 6:00.

Leadership for the event will be provided by United Methodist deaconess, Debra Sue Chenault, and a licensed lay preacher in The Episcopal Church, Brian Cole. Ms. Chenault is engaged in ministry in Appalachia as part of the outreach of the Asheville District of The United Methodist Church. She has done extensive study of John Wesley's concerns about the environment. Mr. Cole coordinates the Sabbath Project, an effort to relate Episcopal congregations in western North Carolina to environmental matters. He speaks of "the ecology of baptism."

The North Carolina Episcopal-United Methodist Dialogue was founded in 1992 as part of the International Anglican-Methodist Commission's work toward exploration of full communion.