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July 2000

The Deacon's Desk - The Rev. William D. Oldland
July Parish House Kitchen Cleaning Committee
July Altar Care
Flowers for July 2000
Vestry Ministry Teams & Club Reports
The Endowment Fund
Finance Report
Vestry Summary
Thoughts on Stewardship... Tom Balsley
News from The Episcopal Day School
Thank You Notes
Lemonade on the Lawn
Soup Kitchen Volunteers
Downtown Reidsville Farmer's Market
Reception for the Oldlands
Note of Special Appreciation
Carolina Cross Connection - Youth Mission Trip
Vacation Bible School
Enrichment for Children during July
Wide Mouth Vases Needed
Diocesan Website Update

July Special Services and Events at a Glance


July 2 Carolina Cross Connection Team
leaves at 6:00 a.m. for Mission Trip


July 2 Rev. William D. Oldland's first Sunday service
as Deacon at St. Thomas.

Hot dog lunch following the 11:00 a.m. service

July 23 - 27 Vacation Bible School
at First Presbyterian Church

Follow this link for the complete
July 2000 Calendar

Happy Independence Day
July 4, 2000!!!

The Deacon's Desk - The Rev. William D. Oldland

Dear Friends,

As I have thought about this letter over the last two months three words have constantly come to mind. The three words are thanksgiving, expectation and joy. In my thoughts and contemplation the meaning of these words has developed into a circle. Each word has led to the next word on the circle, and I must admit I have become more and more excited.

The first word is thanksgiving. I am thankful to God, to the search committee and to the vestry of St. Thomas’ for issuing a call to me. Having been on a search committee I know the process is not easy. However, when the process is centered in God through prayer wonderful things occur. My family and I are excited over the call and are eager to be a part of the community at St. Thomas’.

We also feel the eagerness and excitement on your part as well. The letters and phone calls have been wonderful. The presence of so many members of St. Thomas’ at the ordination was exciting and overwhelming. I am so grateful for your thoughtfulness and your time. For the excitement, the eagerness, the thoughtfulness and the presence I thank you and I thank God.

These feelings of thankfulness have led me to the second word of expectation. Expectation is a funny word. Sometimes people wait in expectation for great news. Sometimes people feel like they are waiting for "the other shoe to drop." My thoughts and feelings of expectation are those of the first order. My expectation is more waiting and wondering about what God has planned for us at St. Thomas’. We are beginning a new life together. God has got wonderful plans for all of us in this church and in this community. I cannot help but wonder what those plans are and how we will search for them.

Finally, as I have thought about the word expectation I could not help but think of the word joy. Whenever I think about the plans God has for us I think of joy. Joy is the natural expression of the people of God when they worship, pray, eat, and have fellowship together. In my visits to St. Thomas’, I have seen joy in the faces of the people I have met. I have heard joy in your voices. I have read joy in your letters. It echoes with the joy I see, hear and feel in my family and in myself. Our life together will be centered in fellowship with God and in fellowship with one another. In this fellowship we share, we have the opportunity to show our love and compassion for each other as the Body of Christ. We also have the opportunity to share that love with others in the community. The sharing of the love of God is the center for joy.

This feeling of joy brings us back to thanksgiving and the circle continues; thanksgiving, expectation and joy. As followers of Christ we have the opportunity to thank God, to wait and to act with expectation, and to respond to God’s work in our lives with joy. We have already started in this circle. It is a wonderful circle centered in the love of God, through the Son, Jesus Christ, in the power of the Holy Trinity. It is a circle that cannot be broken. Perhaps one of our songs should be, "May the circle be unbroken".

In closing, we cannot wait to be in Reidsville and worshipping at St. Thomas’. My family and I look forward to meeting each of you.


Bill Oldland+

July Parish House Kitchen Cleaning Committee

Marian Safriet

July Altar Care

Suzanne Howard, Chm., Grace Moffitt, Mary Jane Ham, Sandra Strader

Flowers for July 2000

July 2

July 9 Available
July 16 Moffitt
July 23 Moffitt/Felts
July 30 Balsley

Vestry Ministry Teams & Club Reports

The Endowment Fund


Thanks to the following for their recent gifts to the Endowment Fund:

Harriet and John Garrett

in memory of John Pipkin

Nelson and Merle Hodgkins

Finance Report

Income: May 2000 Expense: May 2000
Pledged $  10,341.00
Received $   5,691.00
Shortage $    4,650.00
Budgeted $ 11,137.00
Spent $  7,258.00
Under spent $   3,879.00

Please try to keep your pledge payments caught up. Thank you.

*A complete financial statement is displayed on the bulletin board next to the Vestry Meeting room.

Vestry Summary

The Vestry minutes are posted on the bulletin board outside the Vestry room.

Thoughts on Stewardship

"Weave us together in unity and love." From the song "Weave"

Approximately two years ago, Nelson Hodgkins came to St. Thomas as our interim priest. From that initial moment he has played such an active part in our lives and the life of our church. This warm and caring person is very much an example of one who is God’s faithful steward. Nelson has seen us through a transitional time that has been a period of stability and spiritual growth. I have often remarked that Nelson is, above all, a man of great humility. He is one who does not take himself seriously, but is most sincere when it comes to his faith and belief. He has the wonderful ability to laugh at himself and, more importantly, has helped us to laugh as well.

Sometimes we hear that Episcopalians are God’s "frozen chosen." On occasions I know we can be pretty stiff and full of self-importance. But Nelson has had a way of breaking "through the ice" for us by being able to relate to all of God’s children in Reidsville or anywhere else. If the truth be known, there is no telling how many people Nelson ministers to that are not of the Episcopal faith. He regularly visits the sick, marries, presides at funerals, and brings comfort to the unchurched or to those who many in society consider to be on the outside fringe of life.

All of us have our "Nelson stories." My favorite has to do with Nelson’s love for children. On one occasion during a Sunday service, he came to the rescue of an anxious mother holding a fidgety baby. After picking up the infant and personally introducing it to the whole congregation, Nelson then finished his sermon with babe in arms.

I cannot close unless I mention all the parish workdays, committee meetings, fried apple pie sales, suppers, and Cancer Walks that Nelson not only showed up for but also took part in. At each event he took time to tell everyone how much he appreciated what each person was doing for St. Thomas. He is so good at the small details, and it is his attentiveness and concern that make people feel special.

Lastly, I appreciated his leading our recent "Nine Days of Prayer." Each night he asked God’s blessing on the ministries of Bishop-elect Michael Curry and our new priest, Bill Oldland.

There is even more that I would like to mention and I feel that I could really go on and on. I am quite certain God has more good works planned for Nelson when he leaves St. Thomas. He has touched our lives in many ways and for this, we are more than grateful. It is with much love that we wish him Godspeed.

Tom Balsley

News from The Episcopal Day School

Administrator's Report – from Shelly Ellington

Just a quick update on registration:

Preschool is currently full with children on the waiting list

Kindergarten has 6 enrolled with 2 slots available – Please help us get the word out!!!

We also have a new arrival to our staff. Ms. Cori Anderson has taken on the responsibilities and duties of our Kindergarten Teacher position. We feel she has the experience and qualities necessary to teach our children. Since we had such great results last year she will be using the "Sing, Spell, Read, and Write" Program again this year to help the children learn to read and write!

While we are enjoying the summer, we are getting new ideas, making plans , and getting things underway for the upcoming year. (Soon you will be hearing about our open house and fall plant sale!)

Enjoy summer!


Kindergarten Report – from Cori Anderson

Dear St. Thomas’ Episcopal Church,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to teach the Day School Kindergarten class. I am looking forward to meeting my class and the excitement of the upcoming school year.

I graduated from Bob Jones University in 1992 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Home Economics and a minor in Physical Education. After graduation my husband began his career with Laidlaw, (now Safety-Kleen). I began teaching at Dalton McMichael High School, then later at Community Baptist.

Currently, I am a homemaker and the mother of three beautiful children. I have an in-home sewing business, and we are restoring our house on Main Street.

Our family attends church at Mt. Calvary Baptist Church in Archdale, NC. My husband is the music director and we are sponsors of the youth group.


Thank You Notes  

Dear St. Thomas’ Friends,

I want to thank everyone for the kindness you have shown me and my family with the baby shower and the many gifts you have given us. We are getting even more excited about our new baby as the time draws near. All the gifts are greatly appreciated and will be put to good use. Once again, St. Thomas’ has been so good to me. I am lucky to have a job that brings me into contact with such wonderful and caring people!!

Many thanks!!

Edie, Lin, David, Nicholas & ? Stadler


Dear Nelson,

Once again, a huge thank you to you and St. Thomas for your $400.00 donation to the Outreach Center from your discretionary fund.

Your support since we opened last October has helped us serve many needy people in our community. We ask for your continued prayers as we work to develop this ministry.

Thanks for all you do,

Anne Donecker, Reidsville Outreach Center


The Reidsville Soup Kitchen, Inc. would like to take the opportunity to express their sincere appreciation for your recent expression of goodwill. ($251.81) Support such as yours ensures the continuation of this much needed community project.

Thanks for all of your support!



Dear Friends of St. Thomas’ Episcopal Church,

Thank you for your May 12, 2000 donation of $179.00 to Greater Reidsville Habitat for Humanity. Your continued support and prayers have made it possible to soon have House #10 completed and to begin making plans for House #11. Thank you for your past and present support to help us give "a hand-up, and not a hand-out" and to making a difference in someone’s life not only in our community but also worldwide. Thank you for "Continuing the Tradition",

Jimmy Thompson, Fund-Raising Chairman


THANK YOU! What a wonderful way to end this phase of my ministry at Donna and Jim Van Ness’s, surrounded by friends and neighbors whose lives we have shared, great food and fellowship, and comments which were humbling (but sometimes exaggerated)! Thank you for all your expressions of love to Merle and me, including the travel vouchers and travelers checks.

Your neighbor and friend,

-- Nelson


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Lemonade-on-the-lawn continues

each Sunday following the 11:00 a.m. service.

Please stop by for refreshment and fellowship



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Downtown Reidsville’s Farmer’s Market

Now Open

Tuesdays, Thursdays, & Saturdays

6 - 10 a.m.
Tuesdays….2:30 – 5 p.m.

In the Settle Street Parking Lot












Rev. Nelson Hodgkins baptized the following family members,
spanning three generations, on Saturday, June 24 at St. Thomas’:

Edward Franklin Bullock

Ronda Carrico Bullock

Gracie Ann Cullop

Holland Sayge Cullop

Tara McQuaigue Cullop


Members of St. Thomas led by Junior Warden, Kris Rogers, are to be highly commended for the outstanding job they did in getting the Rectory ready for the Oldland Family. From the moment Bill Oldland accepted the call to become Deacon at St. Thomas’, Kris rallied the forces to have the floors refinished and every room painted. Some rooms had to be stripped of wallpaper and repaired before they could be painted. All of this was done in record time. Then the industrious team of St. Thomas’ worker bees descended upon 634 Parkway Boulevard with great gusto. The yard was cleaned to perfection. Windows were washed until they sparkled. Curtains were cleaned and re-hung. The Pastoral Care Committee filled the cupboards and refrigerator with food.

Thank you each and everyone for sharing your talents in welcoming the Oldlands.

Carolina Cross Connection Youth Mission Trip

After planning for this mission trip for a full year, it’s hard to believe that the time has finally come for our group to actually pack and head to the NC mountains. At the time you’re reading this newsletter, 17 youth and adults from First Presbyterian and St. Thomas will be at Camp McCall, near Morganton.

For this week, we’ll be doing small home repairs on homes of disabled and elderly people. We had to take all of our own tools (including power saws), three vehicles suitable for work crews—that means each can carry tools, equipment, and five or six people who comprise each work crew. Most teenagers and adults are totally unskilled and learn much on the job sites. We are fortunate that two of our team, Kris Rogers and Ronnie Tate, are professional contractors. Not only do they have all the know-how anyone could need, but they also have lots of tools!

Early in June, our team met for a four-hour orientation workshop. Together we talked about the Carolina Cross Connection’s history and procedure, service to others, creating a community, and constructed our team collage. Last week, the team was invited for a cookout by Bill Oldland, new deacon at St. Thomas, and at 6:00 A.M. when we left on July 2, Bill came to give us a send-off prayer.

During our week away, please keep our team and the entire CCC effort in your prayers. And when we get back, ask us about the week—we’ll want to share what we learned.

OUR TEAM: Jane Penn, Emily & Suz Linden, Ashley & Elizabeth McGough, Colin Ferguson, Jennifer Peele, Adam Wilson, Cassi Cardwell, John Harris, Liz Fulton, Rebecca Jones, Will Cresenzo, Kris Rogers, Ronnie Tate, and Bettie & Chuck Rhodes.

Bettie Rhodes, DCE

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JULY 23-27

Plans are well underway for our upcoming week centered on Habitat for Humanity. In Habitat language, Contractors Mary Fagan and Bettie Rhodes have been recruiting Engineers, Crew Leaders, and Job Site Assistants. (If you’d like to help, please call Bettie at 349-3474.)

Many of the youth are helping wherever they are needed. Many thanks to: Heather Gentle, Hutch Wheless, Tommy Murray, Lora Wilkins, Will Cresenzo, Liz Fulton, Jane Penn, Gin Gin Penn, Adam Lindsey, Caroline Lindsey, William McGough, and Cassi Cardwell.

Our Job Sites and Adults are:

Scales & Measures (Music): Anne Covington

Hard Hat Area (Crafts): Ellen & Mike Donovant, Pam Haigler, & Dave Kivett

Blue Prints (Bible Activities): Betty Melchert, Joye Donovant, & Susie Guhne

Survey (Community Stories): Bob Mullings and Claire Smothers

Preschool: Adrienne Carlson, Calvert Mason,Vickie Alston, & Dianne Hall

Meal Construction: Betty Holder, Ginny Farver, Jerri Wilson, Lesa Elliott, Susan McLeod, Leslie Finch, Beth Kivett, & Julia Carlson

Nursery: Pete Turner & Elsie McKinney

**To register children from age 3 through rising sixth grade, please complete the enclosed form and attach a $5 check made out to: First Presbyterian Church, This will help pay for the t-shirt! Forms and checks may be dropped off in the offices of St. Thomas or First Presbyterian OR mailed to: Bettie Rhodes, 1st Presbyterian Church, 318 S. Main St., Reidsville, NC 27320.

-- from Bettie Benton Rhodes

I enjoyed being at the seminary in Richmond, though I have to admit, I was getting somewhat homesick about Tuesday of the second week. I stayed in Thompson Dorm with 19 other DCE’s from around the country—California, New York, and Florida were even represented. Many of these same people were there during my week in January. We took turns cooking dinner each night, with between 12 and 17 eating around the kitchen table of the dorm. Besides the fellowship, we talked about our classes, programs at our individual churches, problems, solutions, ideas, and much more. I feel that I’ve made some good friends and we exchanged email addresses, so will be able to continue staying in touch—this should be a terrific resource for me.

The class I took was Theory of Christian Education and we had one of the best teachers I’ve ever had in any class, Pamela Mitchell-Legg. She kept all 13 of her students energized and engaged for our three-hour nightly class—6:30-9:30. In addition to taking notes from her lectures on various different theories, we also divided into groups several times to tackle assigned tasks. Only four people from my dorm were in this class, so I got to know and work with nearly a whole new set of folks. Three in the class are now finished with their Masters of Divinity degree.

You may be wondering what I did during the day, prior to my class each evening. I read assigned books, papers, and other materials for the class. I also worked many hours on getting all the pictures from youth activities, Kids Club, Easter Egg Hunt, etc. sorted, cropped, and put into a scrapbook. All I have left to do is some labeling, with dates and specifics. By August, the scrapbook will be put in the parlor for everyone to enjoy.

Also by August first, my final project paper for my class is due in Richmond. I’ve already written a first draft and am working on some improvements. I look forward to taking another class in the winter term and seeing my friends again for the on-campus week in January.

Enrichment for Children During July

Even though official Summer Sunday School ended in June and Rally Day is August 20, there is a wonderful opportunity for children each Sunday in July. In the same double Sunday School room we used in June, we will have "Veggie Tales" and/or the "Jesus" (recently on tv) video.

Children ages 3 through rising fifth grade will meet from 9:45 until 10:30. Middle and high schoolers are welcome to assist and enjoy the program. There will be an adult in charge each Sunday.


The Altar Care is in need of wide-mouthed vases to use in taking altar flowers from the church to the shut-in, sick, etc. If you can donate some vases, please bring them to the sacristy or the church office. THANK YOU!

-- Suzanne Howard


A link has been created on the front page of the diocesan website, www.episdionc.com, to the website of the General Convention. The link can be found towards the bottom of the page. Or, you may access the General Convention website by going directly to www.ecusa.anglican.org/governance/general-convention.