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February 2001

The Deacon's Desk - The Rev. William D. Oldland

February Parish House Cleaning Committee

February Altar Care

The Endowment Fund

Finance Report

Thoughts on Stewardship - Tom Balsley

Flowers for February 2001

February Greeter Schedule


Marriage Encounter

Sharing Our Stories

Acolyte Meeting

2001 Diocesan Convention

News from the Episcopal Day School

Food Donations for Reidsville Outreach Center

Theological Education Sunday

The Morning Chapter ECW

Inquirer's Classes

Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper

Men's Club Meeting

Thank You Notes


Summer Camp at the Summit

Web News

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February 2001 Calendar

February Special Services and Events at a Glance

February 1 6:30 p.m. Men's Club Meeting
February 1-3 Diocesan Convention
February 4 Theological Education Sunday
February 14 10:30 a.m. - ECW Meeting
February 18 Inquirer's Classes Begin
February 27
Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper

The Deacon's Desk - The Rev. William D. Oldland

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What Epiphany is All About!!

Currently we are in the season of the church year known as Epiphany. Last month we learned the definition of Epiphany is to make clear or evident. The question arises what are we attempting to make clear? The answer to this question lies in the readings we have heard over the last few weeks. So far, we have heard about the events of Jesus’ baptism, his first miracle at a wedding feast, and his pronouncement of his identity in the synagogue of Nazareth. All of these events point to the nature of Jesus’ identity. At the Jordan River, Jesus is baptized with the Holy Spirit and proclaimed as God’s Son. In Cana, he performs his first miracle showing the abundance of God’s grace. In the synagogue at Nazareth he proclaims his identity and shows God’s salvation is available to all. All of these lessons reveal to us that Jesus Christ is God Incarnate. Jesus is God in flesh and blood.

Since the theme for this season and the lessons is the Incarnation, it is only appropriate for our worship to reflect this theme as well. In our worship the Eucharist at 11:00 a.m. has been celebrated using Rite II, Prayer B. This prayer emphasizes the major themes of creation, God’s work through the prophets and the nation of Israel and the Incarnation. Jesus is seen as being present in creation, the Word brought to the people of Israel and the Word of God made flesh through the Virgin Mary. His role is proclaimed as Savior and redeemer of the world. Through Jesus Christ we are delivered from evil and brought in to communion with God in eternal life. All of these concepts are stated in one brief paragraph on the top of page 368 in the Book of Common Prayer. They are proclaimed in this prayer to enable us to see the glory of God revealed. The glory of God is revealed in Jesus Christ.

We still have four weeks left in the season of Epiphany.  As we gather for worship for the last four weeks we will continue to use Prayer B with the lessons.  As we listen to the lessons, and as we pray this prayer, perhaps our eyes will have the opportunity to be further opened?  Perhaps we will have the opportunity to see the glory of God more clearly?  Perhaps we may see the glory of God in the world around us made evident?  After all, seeing the glory of God clearly is what an epiphany is all about.

Peace in Christ,

Bill Oldland+

February Parish House Cleaning Committee:

Dot Trent

February Altar Care:

Betty Whitsett, Chm., Pam Allen, Harriet Garrett, Kate Nelson


The Endowment Fund

The endowment fund is pleased to announce that St. Thomas’ has received a gift of a $10,000.00 life insurance policy from a parishioner. The policy will be owned by the church and the church will be the beneficiary to receive the proceeds at the death of the parishioner. The parishioner plans to make a donation to the church each year to pay the premium.

This gift is one example of how you might be able to benefit the church and the endowment fund. A lifetime gift can result in income tax savings and a gift made in your will would reduce any death taxes which your estate may owe. If you would like further details concerning gifts to the endowment fund please contact your lawyer or accountant or a member of the planned giving committee listed below.


Bill Sutton, John Garrett, Bob Watt, Cindy Teague, Ernie Sewell

Finance Report

Income: December 2000 Expense: December 2000
Pledged $  10,341.00
Received $   13,082.00
Overage $    2,741.00
Budgeted $ 10,721.00
Spent $  10,345.00
Under spent $   376.00

Thoughts on Stewardship

All that we have is thine alone,
A trust, O Lord, from thee.
W. W. How

While shopping this Christmas, Martha and I stopped by a store in Eden. The phone rang and the storeowner excused himself. I could tell by the tone of his voice that he was worried about the person on the other end of the line traveling through snow and icy weather. When he finished his conversation, I asked him if one of his children was in route home from school. He said, "No. My wife and two sons are taking Christmas to a family in rural West Virginia. We are involved in a program called Love Connections that is run by The Salvation Army." The storeowner went on to say that his children decided some time ago that money which would normally be spent for their Christmas presents, would instead be used to buy for a needy family. He did admit that Santa would bring each child one present. However providing gifts, food and clothing for someone else has been their Christmas tradition for several years.

When I told him this was such a remarkable example of giving to others, the storeowner replied, "You know, we really don’t own anything here on this earth; we’re all just passing through."

In thinking this over, I remembered something the late Red Barber once said. Red was a well-known broadcaster for the Brooklyn Dodgers and later, with the New York Yankees. In the late fifties, discouraged with efforts to raise funds to build an Episcopalian shelter in New York City, he observed "Episcopalians know on a conscious level they can’t take it with them. But I have found out on a deep level of sub-consciousness the Episcopalians in this diocese are firmly determined that if ever anybody does take it with them, they are going to be first."

Often we find ourselves saying, "This is my house or car or property or (fill in the blank)" and become convinced it is so. And even though we are certain that we can’t take our earthly treasures with us, many of us don’t live as if this were true. I think it would bring us to our senses if we asked the question, "Whom will all of this belong to 100 years from now?"

Too many times I get caught up in thoughts about "my possessions" and how they will further "my kingdom" on earth. Instead I need ask myself, "How can I manage the good gifts God has given me and how will I use them in His service?"

No one has seen God, ever. But if we love one another, God dwells deeply in us, and his love becomes complete in us.

from I John 4:12

Tom Balsley


Flowers for February 2001

February 4 Lackey
February 11 Rhodes
February 18 McHugh
February 25 Available

February Greeter Schedule

February 4 Laura Felts
February 11 Anne & Kris ROgers
February 18 Dot Ferneyhough
February 25 Pam Allen


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Welcome to the following people who have recently joined St. Thomas’ by letter of transfer:

Erin Bryan

Marriage Encounter

A WEEKEND AWAY from all the distractions that engulf us - a chance to focus on each other and our relationship - rediscover your love for each other - enjoy a weekend that can bring back newness and excitement to daily living. There’s just time to register for the next MARRIAGE ENCOUNTER weekend February 9-11. Call Gayle or Dick Madison ASAP at 336/768-2989 for all the details. In the official new millennium put the icing back on your marriage’s cake!

Sharing Our Stories

A day of learning and sharing for Episcopalians, Lutherans and Moravians

Saturday, February 10, 2001
9:00 a.m.
Home Moravian Church
Winston-Salem, NC

Sponsored by

The NC Episcopal -Lutheran-Moravian
Ecumenical Dialogue Group

Speakers: The Rt. Rev. Dr. James Gary Gloster
Dr. Susan Wilds McArver
The Rev. Dr. William Henry McElveen

Registration form and Agenda are on the bulletin board outside the Vestry room. Deadline for registration is January 31, 2001

Acolyte Meeting


2001 Diocesan Convention

The 2001 Diocesan Convention will be held in Winston-Salem, February 1-3. The Delegates are Bill Sutton and Pam Allen. Colin Ferguson is alternate Delegate.



The Day School is doing well and looking forward to a great year.  Registration will soon begin for 2001-2002 school year.  We may have openings in both Kindergarten & Preschool Programs.  We strive to offer the finest in early childhood development programs.  If you know of anyone interested, please contact the school at 349-3511 for more information.


We’ve had a great New Year’s start back at school.  We’ve learned, as we’ve studied “What’s in a year”, there are 7 days in a week, weeks are combined to make months, 12 months make a year, everyone has 1 birthday a year (& worked on our birth dates), and there are four seasons in a year.  We’ve also been practicing counting to 12 in Spanish.  We’ve done the letter I, J, K, L, and M.  On J week we baked bread dough J’s to eat with jam and on L week we had loads of fun having a luau (all inside, of course!).  It’s been a great month and I’m happy we’ve enjoyed plenty of sunshine and no snow!


Church Family,

Another month has gone by.  We have been very busy the past couple of weeks.  We are still working on our letters, and have finished M, N, O, and P.  For “O” week we went to Dr. Cotter’s office to have our eyes checked (Optometrist).  This week is “P” week, and we went to Ed Felts “printing” company.   What a wonderful time we had learning about his work, and also hearing his “piano”.  We are having a “pajama party”, watching “Peter Pan”, and eating “popcorn” on Friday.  We have moved on to the second part of our book “On Track”.  They are starting to read in this section.  We look forward to letting you know what is coming up!




Food Donations for the Reidsville Outreach Center

February 18 - CANNED MEAT & CHILI

Monthly Food Collection for the Reidsville Outreach Center

Look for the large brown basket at the steps going up to the altar. Let's fill it up to overflowing again this month! Please remember to include your children/grandchildren in offering food for those in need throughout our community.

Theological Education Sunday

Sunday, February 4, 2001, has been designated as Theological Education Sunday, affirming the commitment of the national church and the Presiding Bishop to formally recognize the importance of theological education in our life of faith.


The morning chapter of the ECW will meet at 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday, February 14, 2001 at the home of Priscilla Foster. Mildred Cummings is co-host.

The program choice for the Morning Chapter of the ECW is "The Saints".  The first program held in January was led by Laura Felts.   She discussed the naming of Saints, the Liturgical Calendar, the commonality and the differences between the Saints of the Roman Catholic Church and the Episcopal Church.   The remainder of the year will be spent in learning more about some individual Saints.  The Morning Chapter meets at 10:30.  The Calendar is as follows:

February 14 St. Thomas,
Bill Oldland, Deacon
March 14 St. Francis,
Bettie Benton Rhodes
April 11 St. Nicholas,
Fred Warnecke, Priest
September 12 St. Paul,
Willie Adkins
October 10 St. Luke,
Marian Safriet
November 14 St. Mary & St. Teresa of Avila,
Jeanne Horsley & Mavis Simon


These classes are for anyone interested in learning more about the beliefs of the Episcopal Church. The classes will be each Sunday at 1:00 p.m. beginning February 18th.  These classes will not only answer some questions about what we believe, they will also prepare individuals for Confirmation, Reception or Reaffirmation when the Bishop visits in April. There will be eight classes and they will last about one hour and a half. To register for these classes please call the church office.

Please join us for coffee following the 11:00 a.m. service each week in the Pipkin Parlor.

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Men of St. Thomas’ Episcopal Church


Complete with Bacon or Sausage

February 27, 2001
Parish House
5:00 to 7:00 p.m.

All you can eat
$5.00 per person
$15.00 per family

Good food, Good fellowship

Men's Club Meeting

The Men’s Club will begin meeting on the first Thursday of each month in the Parish House.  The next meeting will be February 1st at 6:30.



Thank You Notes  

The Reidsville Soup Kitchen, Inc. would like to take this opportunity to express their sincere appreciation for your recent expression of goodwill.  $221.60.  Support such as yours ensures the continuation of this much needed community project.

Thanks ever so much!


Dear St. Thomas Friends,

     Thank you, thank you, for the wonderful donation of canned goods.  We collected 133 cans of food at our service in December.  Many thanks to all for your continuing support of the Reidsville Outreach Center.

Thank you!

Anne Donecker


The Free Clinic of Reidsville & Vicinity, Inc. gratefully acknowledges the receipt of the following charitable contribution.  Your contribution will enable us to provide free medical, dental, and pharmacy care to those who work but are without means for necessary care.

Amount of gift:  $3,300.00, Dental Clinic

     This will help our dental clinic immensely!  Thank you again!

Sara K. Kezar

Executive Director




The Dentist's Hymn:..................Crown Him With Many Crowns
The Weatherman's Hymn.........There shall be showers of Blessing
The Contractor's Hymn.............The Church's One Foundation
The Tailor's Hymn.....................Holy, Holy, Holy
The Golfer's Hymn....................There is A Green Hill Far Away
The Politician's Hymn...............Standing on the Promises
The Optometrist's Hymn...........Open My Eyes That I Might See
The IRS Agent's Hymn..............I Surrender All
The Gossip's Hymn..................Pass It On
The Electrician's Hymn............Send the Light
The Shopper's Hymn...............Sweet By and By
The Realtors Hymn..................I've got a mansion, just over the hilltop



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Congratulations to John and Karen Wagoner of Olin, North Carolina on the birth of their daughter Kara Susanne. Kara was born January 5th 2001 weighed 8 lbs. and was 20" long. Proud grandparents are Susan & Phillip Dalton and John & Ann Wagoner

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Summer Camp at the Summit

The Summit is now registering for summer camp.  If you have not received your flyer with camp information, they are available on the bulletin board outside the Vestry room.  These camps are for children entering grades 3-12.  There is also a session for special campers ages 4-25.  The Summit will be hiring counselors to work with campers.   See the flyer for information on hiring of camp staff.

Web News

If you haven't visited our website lately, we now have a "Guest Book" in place where visitors can leave us their greetings and comments. I wanted to get this feature "up and running" before submitting our site to a couple of the major Episcopal Church websites.

So far we have greetings there from some of our own parish family as well as from someone at Epiphany Church in Eden and from Bishop Elliott L. Sorge who helped lead the recent Diocesan-sponsored "Web Ministries" workshop that I attended at All Saints' Church in Greensboro.

Now that the Guest Book is in place, I have submitted our link for inclusion on both the "ECUSA" and "Anglicans Online" websites. Therefore, during the next few weeks we should be having lots of new visitors to our site. You might like to keep an eye out for new messages on our "Guest Book". Links from these major sites will make us easier to find if anyone is looking for an Episcopal church home or for a church to visit on their travels to Reidsville.

The "Web Ministries" workshop was very informative and I believe that so far our site is in keeping with the suggestions made there by the presenters, the Rev. Kris Lee from ECUSA, Jay Parker, webmaster for Volvo, and the Rev. Bob Wickizer, St. Mary's High Point. While some parishes represented already have web sites in place, many others are still in the planning stages. I was also able to pick up some new ideas which I hope to incorporate into our site over the coming weeks.

As always, if you have any suggestions for our site, please let me know!

John Bullock
Ye Olde WebServant