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April 2001

The Deacon's Desk - The Rev. William D. Oldland

April Parish House Cleaning Committee

April Altar Care

Endowment Fund

Finance Report

Thoughts on Stewardship - Tom Balsley

Healing Service

Flowers for April 2001

April Greeter Schedule

Home Communions

Bishop's Visit

Tiny Saints

Christian Education

Holy Week Services

News from the Episcopal Day School

Relay for Life Team Members Needed

Food Donations for Reidsville Outreach Center

Youth Mission Trip

The Morning Chapter ECW

Men's Club: Easter Breakfast for the congregation

Easter Lilies

Spaghetti Dinner (Fundraiser for the Youth Mission Trip)

Ordination News!!

Thank You Notes


Summer Camp at the Summit

Baby Shower

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April 2001 Calendar

April Special Services and Events at a Glance

April 8 Palm Sunday
April 9-13 Noon: Holy Week Community Prayer Services
April 11 ECW Meeting
April 12 7:30 p.m. Maundy Thursday Service
April 13 Good Friday Liturgy
April 15 Easter Sunday
April 22 3:00 p.m. The Right Rev. Michael B. Curry's visit to St. Thomas'

The Deacon's Desk - The Rev. William D. Oldland

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By the time you receive this letter we will be nearing the last week in Lent.  It may be hard to believe but Palm Sunday is actually one week away and Holy Week and Easter are fast approaching.   The time of the Lenten music, the silent procession and the constant reminders of repentance are almost past.  I can almost hear the sighs of relief.

However, before we get to Easter we have a very significant week to travel.  This week begins with the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, which we call Palm Sunday.  During the week significant events will occur.  Jesus will go to the temple.  His actions there will anger the Pharisees and Sadduccees.  His actions will also convince Judas that Jesus should be arrested.  Jesus will wash the disciples feet.  He will have a final meal with them.  He will go to the garden and pray so hard that sweat will pour from him like blood.  He will be arrested, tried, beaten, whipped, and condemned.  In short, a great deal will happen in just six short days.

All of these events are important during that week.  These events are the final acts of Jesus which lead us to the crucifixion.   Often times I find that we don't want to talk about the crucifixion.  We would be really happy to go from Palm Sunday's triumphal entry straight to the Resurrection and the Empty Tomb.  We don't like to discuss all of this stuff in between.  We get uncomfortable when the trial is mentioned.  We get unsettled when we think about Jesus being beaten and whipped.  We get upset when we think about the voices in the crowd yelling for Barabbus or yelling Crucify Him.  We don't want to face the fact that to get to the Resurrection we have to go through the cross.

The reality is we have to face it.  We have to come face to face with the fact the resurrection could not occur without the crucifixion.   It is a paradox, a parable of life.  In order to have eternal life we have to move from this earthly existence.  Our journey carries us beyond this life, through death, and into the hope of everlasting joy.  We have hope of everlasting life because we have witnessed Jesus.  We have witnessed his journey from Bethlehem, to Jerusalem, through the cross, beyond the grave, and into life eternal.  On Easter, we celebrate his journey.  On Easter, we celebrate his Resurrection.  On Easter, we celebrate our hope.  We celebrate the hope that Christ has gone before us preparing the way.

Over the next two weeks we will move from purple to black to white.  We will move from repentance, to death, to resurrection.  I hope and pray we move carefully thoughtfully and prayerfully so when Easter comes we celebrate with incredible joy the gift we have received from God.


Bill Oldland+

April Parish House Cleaning Committee:

Louise Hinson

April Altar Care:

Dot Ferneyhough, Chm., Bettie B. Rhodes, Diane Hackett, Anne Montaigne


Endowment Fund

The Planned Giving Committee is pleased to report that a check for $1,029.93, representing interest earned on the endowment fund in 2000, has been presented to the Vestry.  This money will be used for outreach, capital improvements, and operating expenses as determined by the Vestry in accordance with the endowment fund guidelines.

Please consider a gift to the endowment fund as a part of your charitable giving, either during your lifetime or in your will.  It is truly a "gift that keeps on giving".

Contact any member of the committee for more information: Bill Sutton, Ernie Sewell, John Garrett, Cindy Teague and Bob Watt.

Finance Report

Income: February 2001 Expense: February 2001
Pledged $  12,723.00
Received $  20,542.00
Overage $    7,819.00
Budgeted $ 12,519.00
Spent $   8,818.00
Under spent $   3,701.00

Thoughts on Stewardship

The company for which I am employed is doing everything it can to ride out the economic downturn that is happening to many businesses today.  For the first time in thirty years, we have experienced losses in two consecutive quarters.  When something like this happens, I know changes have to be made.  When we have trouble balancing our budget at home, we make lifestyle changes.   When a business is looking to survive, the solution, at times, is to reduce its payroll by a certain number of people.  I understand this.  But it doesn't make it easy to deal with, especially when the individuals involved are friends as well as business associates.

In our culture, we are often identified by the type of work we do.  I am aware that I am not totally defined as to how I earn my living.   Nevertheless my job is important as a means of self worth as well as a way to provide for my family.  I am also mindful that suddenly becoming unemployed can turn anyone's world completely upside down.

A couple of weeks ago I had to talk to ten people and tell them that they would no longer be working for our company.  Knowing the difficulty of this task, I seriously hoped that God would be present in the midst of this.   I know in my heart that he never abandons us, but in my mind, I, like Moses, sometimes need to see that "burning bush."

Despite all of my worries, these meetings went far better than anticipated.  And, quite unexpectedly, a very real sign of God's grace came at the end of the day.  At 5:30 pm I sat down at my desk to look over my email.   There were three messages from co-workers telling me they knew the challenge I was facing and had been praying that I would have strength for the day.  In addition, our warehouse manager stopped by my office to tell me that I had been in his thoughts and prayers.  Then for several days, friends were so nice to express their concerns.   I finally figured out that God had been there all along.

God is constantly teaching me lessons.  Even more than before I realize that, as Christians, we have the responsibility of supporting one another during trying times.  I also know that God does want to be with us in whatever we do each day.  And, too, I understand that even when our faith is not particularly strong, God provides us with more than we could ever hope for or imagine.

Tom Balsley



Healing Service

Healing Service with Anointing and the Laying on of Hands and the Holy Communion, every Wednesday at noon in the chapel.

Everyone is welcome!

Flowers for April 2001

April 1 Available
April 8 Palm Sunday (Palms)
April 15 Jensen
April 22 Ham
April 29 Donecker

April Greeter Schedule

April 1 Dot Ferneyhough
April 8 Pam Allen
April 15 Bill Sutton
April 22 Laura Felts
April 29 Anne & Kris Rogers

Home Communions

Rev. Oldland will conduct home communions during the week of April 23.  Please call the church office at 349-3511 if you need to schedule a home communion.

Bishop's Visit

The Right Rev. Michael B. Curry will visit St. Thomas' on Sunday, April 22 at 3:00 p.m.

Tiny Saints

Tiny Saints meets the third Sunday of each month in the Parish House.  Children ages 2-6 are invited to participate in this 45 minute session on Episcopalian traditions.  The children sing songs, have a child's version of the day's lesson and a litany.  There is also craft time and a snack.  The children are returned to their families during the Peace for communion.   Questions?  Call Leslie Phipps.

Christian Education

There will be no Sunday School on April 15 and April 22, due to the Easter Breakfast and the Bishop's visit.

There will be no Youth meetings on Sunday, April 15th.

Holy Week Special Services:

Holy Week Community Prayer Services
12:00 Noon

Monday April 9 Woodmont United Methodist Church
1926 Richardson Drive
Tuesday April 10 First Christian
206 Holderby Street
Wednesday April 11 Evangelical Methodist
415 Port McCoy Road
Thursday April 12 Jerusalem United Holy
633 Prince Street
Friday April 13 St. Thomas' Episcopal
315 Lindsey Street

Maundy Thursday Service

A Maundy Thursday Service will be held at St. Thomas' on April 12 at 7:30 p.m.

Palm Sunday

April 8th is Palm Sunday.  We will process from the Parish House at 10:45 a.m.

Easter Sunrise Service

An Easter Sunrise Service will be held at 6:15 a.m.



The Episcopal Day School is now taking orders for their Spring Plant Sale.   Orders will be taken until April 25th.  These plants will come straight from the nursery and will be available for pickup starting May 1st.  To order, see any Day School parent or contact Edie Stadler stthomas@vnet.net or Dot Reilly.


Gerbera Daisy (assorted colors) 4" container 2.50 each
Geranium (Red, Pin, or Salmon) 6" container 5.00 each

10.00 EACH

True Boston Fern
Fuchsia (Purple with pink center)
Fuchsia (Purple with white center)
Fuchsia (Red with white center)
New Guinea Impatien
(Pink, Red, or Salmon)



I'm Angela Underwood.  I'm the new Administrator for the Episcopal Day School.  My son Collin is in the pre-school program now and will be next year.  I look forward to this opportunity to be involved with the school.   Right now registration for the 2001-2002 school year is going well.  The kindergarten is full with eight students registered and the pre-school as fourteen students registered with one opening left.  Also, the spring plant sale is underway and will continue until April 25th with a delivery date of May 1st.  If interested you may call Angela Martin, Dot Reilly or Edie Stadler.


We've had a great month getting into shapes and colors, concluding with a field trip to ArtQuest - a hands-on art museum for kids in downtown Greensboro.  We also enjoyed a great St. Patrick's wearin' of the green celebration.   We read and then made green eggs and ham, played with a giant batch of green play dough, looked for a hidden leprechaun (& won some gold bubble gum!) and danced to Celtic music.  We're now turning our thoughts and energies to our May Spring Program.  We've lots of fun things planned and it's now time to begin learning all our parts.  Please see Edie if you'd like to buy raffle tickets.  They're only $1.00 and some great prizes.  As always, the money will go to buy supplies that enhance our learning experience.  Thanks for your support!!


Dear Church Family,

We have had a wonderful month of March.  We have been looking forward to spring and warmer weather.  We went on a "w"agon "w"alk Friday for "W" week.  We had beautiful "w"eather, and a lot of fun.  We have been concentrating on the "a" vowel sound the past week-and-a-half.   We are moving on to the "e" this week.  In math we are working on telling time, and money.  They are reading out loud in class, and also reading at home.  The children have been working very hard!


Team Members Needed!

St. Thomas' needs 10-15 people to be on the St. Thomas' Team for Relay for Life.  This event to fight cancer will be held May 18-19 at Rockingham County High School.  Walkers need only sign up for an hour.   Please see Bettie Rhodes if interested.  She will need your tee-shirt size and to get you a sponsor packet.



Food Donations for the Reidsville Outreach Center


Monthly Food Collection for the Reidsville Outreach Center

Look for the large brown basket at the steps going up to the altar. Let's fill it up to overflowing again this month! Please remember to include your children/grandchildren in offering food for those in need throughout our community.

The Youth Mission Trip will be held June 24 - July 1st.  St. Thomas' is doing this with St. Francis.  A total of 50 youth and adults will spend a week in Charleston working with the United Methodist Relief Center, which addresses the needs for safe, adequate housing through construction and repair.  The total cost of the week is $11,000, with St. Thomas' portion being $3,300.  Participants will solicit "special sponsors" who will receive letters and pictures from the youth during their week away.  youth going on the trip are: Heather Gentle, Sherrie Donecker, Chris Hicks, William Oldland, Liz Fulton, Socttie Frohock, Adam Wilson, Caitlin Ferguson, Colin Ferguson, Suzanna Linden, Liz Campbell, and Will Cresenzo.  Adults include: Bill Oldland, Gayle Ferguson, Bettie Benton Rhodes, Chuck Rhodes, and Billy Phipps.

A Spaghetti Dinner, sponsored by the Men's Club, will be held on Saturday, May 5th at St. Thomas'.  The proceeds will go towards the cost of the St. Thomas' & St. Francis Mission trip.  Stay tuned for time and ticket information.


The morning chapter of the ECW will meet at 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday, April 11, 2001 at the home of Dot Trent; Louise Hinson is co-host.

The Morning Chapter calendar is as follows:

April 11 St. Francis
Bettie Benton Rhodes
September 12 St. Paul,
Willie Adkins
October 10 St. Luke,
Marian Safriet
November 14 St. Mary & St. Teresa of Avila,
Jeanne Horsley & Mavis Simon

The Men's Club is sponsoring a


On Easter Sunday

April 15, 2001
9:30 a.m.
in the Parish House

Easter Lilies

If you would like to put a lily in the church in honor or memory of someone, Please call the church office (349-3511) with the information for the bulletin by Monday, April 9th.  The cost is $7 each.  Please make payment when placing order.

A Spaghetti Dinner, sponsored by the Men's Club, will be held on Saturday, May 5th at St. Thomas'.  The proceeds will go towards the cost of the St. Thomas' & St. Francis Mission trip.  Stay tuned for time and ticket information.

Ordination News!!

We are happy to announce that Rev. Bill Oldland has been approved for ordination.  The ordination service will take place on Saturday, June 9th.  Musician/Singer Fran McKendree will participate in Rev. Oldland's service.   More information will follow.



Thank You Notes  

Thank you to everyone who helped with the World Day of Prayer.


Dot Trent and Dottie Worth

Thank you so much for the care package!  I look forward to these so much every year.  I'm sad that this is my last one - or do they continue through graduate school!???  You guys should put your names on the package so I know who I'm thanking!  Thanks again!

Jamelle Elliott

Thank you so much for my care package.  All of the "goodies" really came in handy to a starving college student.

Bryan Love

The Reidsville Soup Kitchen, Inc. would like to take this opportunity to express their sincere appreciation for your recent expression of goodwill.  ($277.00)  Support such as yours ensures the continuation of this much needed community project.  Thanks for your support over the years!



Thank you very much for allowing us to use your facilities for our recent Hospice grief support group.  Your support of our Hospice program in many ways is greatly appreciated.


Rev. Bland Leebrick, Jr.
Hospice Chaplain/Bereavement Coordinator




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Congratulations to Jackie and Preston Trigg on the birth of their son John Rawlings Trigg.  John was born March 13th.   Proud brother is William and Proud Grandmother is Mary Brent Trigg.

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Summer Camp at the Summit

The Summit is now registering for summer camp.  If you have not received your flyer with camp information, they are available on the bulletin board outside the Vestry room.  These camps are for children entering grades 3-12.  There is also a session for special campers ages 4-25.  The Summit will be hiring counselors to work with campers.   See the flyer for information on hiring of camp staff.


Baby Shower

You are invited to a baby shower for

Leslie and Billy Phipps

Given by the Jr. & Sr. High Youth Groups and Friends
Sunday, April 8th
607 p.m. (floating)
St. Thomas' Parish House